• 1. All the students should bring their diary to school every day.

  • 2. Be punctual and regular in attending the school.

  • 3. Students must come in clean and neat uniform as per the specified uniform code.

  • 4. Student’s behavior in the school bus must be polite and courteous. Any indisciplined behavior may result in losing the school transport facility.

  • 5. Care must be taken for all school properties and no students should scratch or spoil the desk, walls or boards of school. Anyone who sees something damaged should immediately report to the school authorities.

  • 6. Students should take care to switch off the lights and fans while leaving the room and close the taps properly to avoid wastage of water.

  • 7. Running and shouting inside the classroom or in the corridor is forbidden.

  • 8. No student is allowed to leave the classroom or the school premises without the teacher’s prior permission.

  • 9. Students should address the teachers and members of the staff with due respect. Good moral behaviors and gentleness are prerequisites of every student.

  • 10. Students are not allowed to carry any electronic gadget, expensive articles and any prohibitory articles to school.

  • 11. Bullying is strictly prohibited inside the school premises and no such act will go unnoticed or unpunished

  • 12. Discriminatory and unhealthy remarks, comments by the students against anyone inside the campus will be punished.

  • 13. General communication will be sent through Diary. However, emergency information will be sent only through SMS.

  • 14. Students should take care of their belonging and are personally responsible. School will not take any liability for loss of any of their articles what so ever.